Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OB appointment

Had my 1st OB appointment today. It was so hard to wait a whole month and not know anything. Wondering if everything was ok in there. I stopped my horomone medication completely about a week ago and was a little worried if that was going to have any affect on the baby, or if I had already lost the baby that would be why I didn't know. This whole pregnancy is a giant trusting God test. Sometimes I pass, and sometimes I fail. In fact, I imagine that from now on my life with my child is going to be one giant trusting God test.

So my appointment went well. The doctor was very nice (Thanks Crystal!) and even let us hear the heartbeat on the doppler before my exam cause Joel had to get to work as soon as he could. I decided, however, that someone in the office doesnt know how to count, or at least read my date wrong. The doctor said that so-and-so estimated I was about 7 weeks and would be due the middle of June... even if they calculated from LMP instead of fertilization date like they do with most pregnancies that would put me 12 weeks today instead of tomorrow. But he decided despite the fact that I told him my ultrasound in the beginning of October put me due 5/19 and that my physical exam showed that I was probably around there that he wanted an ultrasound as soon as they could fit me in to pinpoint the due date.

So I ended up getting an ultrasound this afternoon. HOLY COW! the baby is so much bigger in a little less than a month! Before it was just a big white area. Now I could see hands, feet, nose, cute little tummy! I am in love =) She had me cough a bit to see if it would move for me. I kind of bounced it around, but it was just content to lay there. No crazy stuff like I saw on one ultrasound where the baby would kick itself up and slide back down. But thats ok, I still think it was the cutest thing ive ever seen.

Keep praying for the baby, but thank God so far its doing great!