Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

So, we told everyone we know that our ultrasound is the week after Christmas, however, we decided it would be fun to surprise our parents for Christmas with the baby's gender. So we had our ultrasound on the 22nd and we're having a little boy!

Everything on the ultrasound looked great. He looks perfectly healthy and the tech says he weighs about 10 oz right now. They weren't able to get a very good view of his heart, so the next time I have an appointment, they are gonna do another quick ultrasound to make sure that looks good too.

I'm almost halfway to my due date, and have finally started to feel him move. It's so funny, sometimes it surprises me when I'm doing stuff and I feel a tickle in my belly. =)

I suppose thats really all. Just wanted to share the good news!