Monday, January 18, 2010

follow up ultrasound

We had our follow up ultrasound today just to check out his heart since they couldn't see it very well. I brought my mom and Joel's mom so they could get a peek at their grandson. I think they had fun. They had their phones out taking pictures most of the time.

The doctor said everything looks good. He's measuring at about 1 pound, 2 oz right now which is in the higher end of average. I feel him more and more each day which is tons of fun! I keep hearing I'll be tired of him kicking by the end, but I can't imagine ever getting tired of it.

The baby's room is nowhere near ready and I'm afraid that I'll be in panic mode by the end of march. We have to move all of our office stuff into the other room that will be the guest room/office. Hopefully we'll have enough room in there. We are going to get the carpets shampooed at some point in time. Then we'll be painting and are going to wait to put the baby's stuff in there until after our shower so we know what we have to get ourselves. I guess its not too big a deal since the baby will be in our room for a little while, the nursery doesnt have to be completely finished.

I've been feeling wonderful. The worst I have is occasional rib pain that the OB says is probably due to stretching and pushing on nerves up there. If everyone felt this way during pregnancy, I would wonder why people werent pregnant more often. I'm so incredibly thankful.

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  1. I love being pregnant!!!! Night time has become pretty uncomfortable though (and I'm sure it will get worse), I wake up a lot, pee a lot more, and just find it way harder to fall asleep, and forget about laying on your back for a long time. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.