Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby will be here soon!

I have just a few updates then I decided to post a little pregnancy survey as a little something to remind me of things about my pregnancy.
So Im just over 38 weeks now. At my 37 week appointment my tummy was measuring at 39 weeks so the doctor wanted to get an ultrasound at my next visit to make sure he wasn't getting too big. I went Wednesday for the ultrasound and appt. I wish it wasn't as hurried of an ultrasound. It was hard to really good look at him cause she went from one spot to the next fairly quickly just getting measurements, and he's sooo big now he took up the whole screen so it was hard to tell what was what! Well, he was not measuring too big. They estimated him about 7lbs and put him in pretty much exactly the middle for percentile growth.
When I talked with my OB he said everything looked great as far as Kody was concerned, heart rate, movement, I guess they are able to see the baby's practice breaths. The only concern he had was the amniotic fluid level. He didn't give me a measurement number, only that it was low. Not yet on the too concerned side, but concerned enough that it would possibly get lower and be an issue. So he told me he'd like to induce on Thursday May 13th just to be safe. We set up the time for 730 AM and so that's the plan unless Kody comes earlier.
I'm thinking of calling the office on Wednesday to see if he would want to recheck the fluid level to see if it's still ok or if he really does need to come early. I want him here, but I'm not thrilled at the idea of induction. I really wanted a natural/med-free birth and thats less likely to happen with induction. It would be harder on my body and possibly Kody's. But at the same time if that's what needs to happen for Kody to be safe, I'm fine with it. I'm just praying that maybe he'll decide on his own to come before then.
Well, we are ready for him in any case. The nursery is done (I'll try to get some pics up sometime today or tomorrow), and we are as prepared as we can be. Just a couple more days (maybe a shared bday with his uncle!) and we'll have our little guy in our arms!
About the mommy
Name Robyn
Age 26
First child? yes
About the daddy!
Name Joel
Age 26 (27 when he's born)
First child? yes
Finding out!!
What day did you find out? I can't recall offhand - Early September 2 weeks after embryo transfer
How did you feel when you found out? Ecstatic beyond belief
Who was with you? Amy
Who was the first peson you told? Amy, cause she was there when they called
How did they react? We hugged and squeeled like Jr high girls
How did the daddy react? I called him and he was excited and stopped to tell his coworkers
Telling the grandparents!
How did your parents react? excited about the baby - reacting to the gender news my mom was quite wide eyed and giddy
How did his parents react? also excited - gender news his mom got teary and smiled and I believe Ralph said "All right!"
Are they helping with baby names? nope, sorry, all us =) (actually this one was all mine)
Have they bought anything for the baby yet? plenty - 1st my mom bought 3 winnie the pooh onsies, 1st his mom bought was snowmen socks
How often do they call to check on you? often =)
About the pregnancy!
When was your first appointment? November 3rd
When is your due date? May 19th
How far along are you? 38 weeks
How much weight have you gained? About 30 lbs
Have you had an unltrasound? I think total I've had 7
Have you heard the heartbeat? Every visit
What was the heartbeat? Early on he was 170s-180s - after about halfway he's upper 130s to 140s
Sex of the baby!
What do you want? I wanted a boy
What does the daddy want? Joel wanted a girl
What do you think you are having? I knew it would be a boy, I wouldve been in complete shock if it hadn't been
Have you had ur big ultrasound yet? Had it in December about a week before Xmas
If so, what are you having? boy
Are you happy with what you are having? we are both very excited
About the birth!
Do you know what you're taking with you? other than the essentials: my 1st time mom book, the laptop, and Joels ipod with my labor playlists
Who is going to be with you? In the labor room, just Joel and my mom
Are you going to videotape it? No way, we will videotape after he's born - hospital doesnt allow it anyway
Natural or medicated? As natural as I can
Do you think you will need a c-section? I pray not
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time? I'm sure I will
Do u know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her? I imagine something like " Hi little man. I love you so much!"
Are you scared about the labor? A little nervous, especially about possible induction
Do you have a name picked out? Yep
Girl names... We had considered Hannah Paige and Alexis Reagan
Boy names... Kody Michael - I had that picked out at 13 years old.
Is your baby going to be named after someone? Nope
Other random questions!!
Where was your baby conceived? In a laboratory =D
Have you felt the baby move? Constantly - his favorite spots are on my right side right below my ribs, and his little feet like to go into my ribs quite often
What race will your baby have? From you and daddy? White. Very, very white.
Do you have stretch marks? Unfortunately
What was your first symptom? Erm I think little twinges in my abdomen that might've just been me convincing myself thats what it was. But definitely had smell and food aversions.
What religion will the baby know? And from what side? We will raise him Christian - we are both Christian and pray that he will know and love God too.
What music or interests do you want the baby to know? Hardcore and Metal =D but it's ok if he likes something else. Even if its electronica or something horrid
Will your baby have godparents? Don't think so. If he does its not gonna be in a legal sense.
What is the baby's room theme? Turtles and Frogs
What was the first thing you bought for the baby? Joel bought a onsie that says "my dad rocks" and I bought a dinosaur outfit that has booties that look like dino claws and it says snugglesaurus
Are you ready to be a mommy? Extremely

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