Monday, September 28, 2009

pretty big bump in the road

So yesterday morning I had some slight bleeding and was of course concerned so I called my doctor. She said it was probably just from the medication I was taking so she told me to stop taking the aspirin and call if i had any heavier bleeding or cramping.

When I woke up this morning early to use the bathroom there was a fair amount more of blood so I called again and they scheduled me to come in for my ultrasound today instead of tomorrow.

I went in at 1030 and she said there was no active bleeding and she couldn't necessarily tell why I would have been. They looked at the baby. There was 1 gestational sac. (essentially what the baby is carried in) meaning only 1 of the embryos implanted. It took her a while to see the yolk sac (baby's nutrition before the circulatory system forms) and we saw what she thought could be and I thought was a heartbeat. But, there wasnt specifically a fetal pole (essentially the baby itself) so she couldn't confirm that it was really a heartbeat. Possibility it was just ultrasound movement or something, although i thought it looked too rhythmic to be not a heartbeat.

So. My baby needs lots of prayer. As much as you can muster. I go in next tuesday the 6th for a follow up ultrasound and things should have changed enough to know whether this is a viable pregnancy. I'll be devistated if we lose this baby. and I'm not sure how easy it would be (or financially feasible) to go through this again.